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The Mazarol Co-operative, constituted in July 2002, gathers 21 members, with adequate professional qualifications, who have worked for many years within the fields of environmental education, as walks and hikes leaders, promotion of the local culture and enhancement of the territory of the Dolomites, of the Belluno province and various other areas of the Veneto, with proposals for soft eco-tourism, sustainable and of high quality.

Seventeen (17) members of the Mazarol own the title of Regional Naturalistic-environmental Guide (“Guida naturalistico ambientale regionale”) and 14 have received, in 2002, the title of official guide of the Dolomiti Bellunesi National Park, an institution with which the Co-op. Mazarol has been widely collaborating for several projects on environmental education, cultural activities and tourist animation.

Two (2) Mazarol members own the title of “Accompagnatori Mountain Bike” (certified “MTB Escorts” — a qualification awarded by AMIBIKE Italia), and are “Osservatori Nivologici AINEVA” (Snow Observers connected with AINEVA, the Inter-regional Association that looks after monitoring Snow Levels and Avalanche Risk) at level 2 module A, which means providing basic knowledge on the themes of snow and avalanches, with particular reference to the techniques of surveying and collection of meteorological data connected to snow and avalanche classification: a fundamental skill in order to carry out winter excursions with the ‘ciaspole’ in safety.

For the services of Environmental Education, as well as Hiking and Trekking, the Co-operative Mazarol has been awarded the Mark of Quality of the Circuit “Carta Qualità” of the Dolomiti Bellunesi National Park. The Co-operative Mazarol is also part of the consortium “Consorzio InDolomiti”, which runs and animates — on behalf of the municipality (‘Comune’) of Santa Giustina — the Ostello Altanon (Altanon Hostel) and the Mulino di Santa Libera (Santa Libera Watermill), along the “Via dell’Acqua” (Water Trail) of the Veses stream in Santa Giustina. The Ostello Altanon was also awarded the Mark of Quality “Carta Qualità” of the Dolomiti Bellunesi National Park for its services to tourism.

The Co-operative Mazarol is also associated to the consortium “Consorzio Turistico Dolomiti Prealpi", to the Tourism Portal “Dolomiti Adventures”, and is partner of the Travel and Incoming Agency “Agenzia Viaggi Alpinia Itinera”, based in Santa Giustina and run by Luca De Bortoli – Technical Director Michela Dal Mas.

Many and diverse are also the collaborations with institutions and structures of cultural animation over the territory: “Bellunum srl” for correct environmental education on the differentiated waste collection within the municipality (‘Comune’) of Belluno, the Ethnographic Museum in Serravella of Cesiomaggiore for the activities of environmental education based at the museum, interweaving nature, history and anthropological culture, as well as with the municipality (‘Comune’) of Rivamonte Agordino for the upkeep, running and cultural animation of the compound (museum and buildings) of the “Forni Fusori” (kilns) in the site of the former mines of Valle Imperina.

Each of the Mazarol guides develops his or her own style of guiding and fields of preference, bringing to the Co-operative their original journeys, their private passions and specific expertise: one Mazarol guide, for instance, is also a nature photographer and expert in trips over the Dolomites and abroad for nature-based photographic journeys; another Mazarol guide manages a family-run farm, where are being produced, transformed and sold typical local products: organic, in season and “km zero”; then there is someone who deals with rural buildings, “bio-architecture” and the recovery of traditional materials, uses and knowledge; there is also who’s expert in animation and readings aloud for kids, as well as in ‘spitfire’ and fire-eater shows; finally, there are those who deal with scientific research, by collaborating with institutions and projects on animal census and environmental/naturalistic protection. All this, and much more, can be found in the many proposals of the Mazarol guides: original, always new and diverse.

The key words of the Mazarol guides are: sustainability, quality, efficiency, bio-diversity, creativity, safety and professionalism.


From the villages to the top of the mountains, passing through countryside, hills, woodland, paths and trails, and the many rivers and water springs that dot and enrich the territory, we are present in the Dolomiti Bellunesi, Agordino, Zoldano, Cadore and Ampezzano, Comelico and Longaronese, Alpago and Cansiglio, “Sinistra Piave” (Left Bank of the Piave), Valbelluna and the Grappa Massif. In the Veneto we also operate in other provinces, such as at the foothills (‘Pedemontana’) of Treviso, on the Asiago plateau (‘Altopiano’), in the Piccole Dolomiti and the hills of the Colli Berici near Vicenza, in the Lessini mountain range between Vicenza and Verona, and on Monte Baldo. From its base near Belluno, sometimes the Mazarol even arrives among the trails of Friuli and Trentino-Alto Adige (South Tyrol), in order to acknowledge people more widely with the treasures of the Dolomites.


Cesare in 2009 — and Gigi in 2012 — have left us far too soon, still young and with lots of energy and ideas to spend for our mountains, which they both loved deeply, and that they always looked up to and approached with the respect and awareness that walking and traveling these paths and trails can teach to the best of us.

In 2013, the “Sentiero Cesare Dalfreddo” (Cesare Dalfreddo Trail) was inaugurated in the Val Canzoi with the patronage, support and active contribution of the municipality (‘Comune’) of Cesiomaggiore and the Dolomiti Bellunesi National Park: this is a trail dedicated to environmental education, equipped with boards and images that tell of the many passions of Cesare, amongst nature, environment, poetry and legends. This is one of the many easy routes, rich in emotions and curiosities, which we invite you to come along and discover with us.

In order to remember Cesare and Gigi, the Mazarol organizes each year a free excursion dedicated to the themes and itineraries more cherished by them. The more we are, the more beautiful it will be to remember each year our two friends, Cesare and Gigi, and honor their memory.



Just before leaving us, Cesare has managed to make his beautiful book “Tree Friends” come true: a text that tells — with its deep passion and high competence — stories and secrets of the many trees that populate our countryside and mountains. It is possible to find Cesare’s book at the “Agorà” bookshop in Feltre, which is also the publishing house. Browsing amongst Cesare’s many poems, these are perhaps the most beautiful lines we can dedicate him, and Gigi too:

“Crouched in the countryside
I, deformed and solar vine
listen to the land,
the breath of my land
which tastes of things ancient
of gestures and distant sounds
and my soul slumbers
lulled by this infinite quiet.”

Cesare Dalfreddo – March 1996

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