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The dense calendar of the Mazarol activities proposes many daily excursions, in order to discover and live the innumerable trails of the Dolomiti Bellunesi (Belluno Dolomites), Valbelluna, Alpago, Cansiglio, Pre-alps of Veneto — and much more.

Besides the most classic and requested trails, the Mazarol will also take you to lesser known, wilder and less frequented places, where nature is still better preserved, and the encounters with people, history and nature are more authentic and special.

For each excursion on offer, either morning-only or daily in length, there are differences in altitude and diverse degrees of difficulty, with some trails that are suitable for everyone — including beginners — and others more suitable for who is well-trained and already used to go to the mountains. In any case, an excursion with the Mazarol is never a simple walk, but an adventure which is being narrated and interpreted by the guide, and shared with the participants, with time for breaks, informal chats, in-depth discussions and the telling of stories, as going to the mountains together also means finding affinities and new friends.

Last but not least in importance, in our excursions a fundamental moment is the meal: a moment that, as the itinerary allows it, will take place in restaurants or other structures of high quality, where products are being sourced and used locally — “km zero”, as we say —, where the hospitality and conviviality also become part of the journey, and of the unfolding of our day together. The mountains nourish eyes and soul alike with their exceptional landscapes; the body and the sense of taste must be taken into account too, with the outstanding food and wines produced in this region.


There are a few itineraries where the presence of a guide is even more advised, as for instance in the excursions that take place in the evening and at night. The darkness envelops the woodland more and more; the stars appear in the sky and — if we are at a favourable time — the full moon covers everything with its brilliant, silvery mantle. These are highly atmospheric trails that can generate strong emotions, in which can be heard sounds and whispers from nocturnal animals; it is a time when the ancient legends and myths of the Dolomites come even more to life and feel closer to us.

The Mazarol guides collaborate with many friends, who include experts of the Association Astrofili Feltrini “Rheticus” (astrophiles from the city of Feltre), who run the magnificent observatory located at Arson (near Feltre), with its large planetarium and telescopes. This is a good occasion to talk about the sky, planets, constellations and become aware of light pollution, which more and more frequently turns off the darkness and the magic of our nights.

For the more energetic early-risers, we also propose excursions before dawn, reaching high places from where it is possible to enjoy the landscape reawakening from the night, and witness the triumph of sunrise. This is a truly special experience!


Often the excursions with the Mazarol are being enriched by the presence of friends, experts, enthusiasts, story-tellers and people passioned about science, old trades and traditions. We collaborate with Alpine guides, tourist guides, researchers, geologists, anthropologists, historians, artists, artisans, and many more professionals who are dedicated to their specific field. The Mazarol believes in the strength and importance of these collaborations, and continues to develop this network that allows to propose an ever more varied and interesting range of themed excursions.

Many of our excursions take place along the many existing themed trails, where nature, landscape and history enrich the route — such is the case, for instance, of the “Via dell’Acqua" (Water Trail) by the Veses stream between the Valbelluna and the Park; the themed trails of the “Chiesette Pedemontane” (small churches and chapels stringed at the foot of the Dolomites); the “Via degli Ospizi” (Hospices’ Trail) and the “Montagna dimenticata” (Forgotten mountains) trail, inside the Dolomiti Bellunesi National Park; the many trails and paths used during the “Grande Guerra” (WW1), located between the Grappa massif, the Dolomites and the Pre-alps of Vicenza, and finally the trails of the ‘Resistenza’ (WW2 Resistance movement) in the Dolomiti Bellunesi and in the Valbelluna. We will immerse ourselves in the past, by walking again the paths and trails of the first Pre-historic settlers, the old Venetians (‘Veneti’), Celts and Romans, by looking for the most ancient signs that are still visible and alive in the territory where we operate.

Many are the proposals of the Mazarol dedicated to the nature of the Dolomites, in order to reveal the ever richer marvels of biodiversity that populate these highlands, and thus raise ever more the awareness for the protection of the species more at risk, by also spreading good practices that are more respectful of animals, plants and the environment.

We also propose trails of rural tourism by visiting farmsteads, producers and artisans who operate in our territory, by carrying forward an ancient knowledge and traditional flavors, with an ever deeper focus on quality — an approach highly appreciated by those excursionists who choose to come with us.

Guide Ufficiali Dolomiti Bellunesi


The Guides of the Mazarol Co-op are all Nature-Environmental Guides who are specialized in this field, overseeing the excursions and dealing with the promotion of the culture and the territory of the Dolomiti Bellunesi. Typically, they are also official guides of the Parco Nazionale Dolomiti Bellunesi (Dolomiti Bellunesi National Park): a title that makes them ideal tour leaders, who can assist with the discovery of the territory at its best and in absolute safety.




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